Known as the “Egyptian Zombie,” Islam Reda is an eight-time National Brazilian jiu-jitsu Champion in his home country of Egypt. A pro since 2013, 10 of Reda’s 11 victories have come by submission. The Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt has won four straight since his sole MMA loss, and he most recently fought in August, scoring a second-round submission of Ernie Braca.


A striking specialist, Adam Meskini has competed throughout Asia and Europe since making his professional MMA debut in 2019. Meskini enters tonight with an 8-2 record and seven finishes – four knockouts and three submissions. Meskini has won four of his last five, most recently competing in October, where he scored a decision win over Kaique Modesto.


Which man will move on in PFL MENA’s featherweight competition?



Round 1


Reda throws low kicks to start off. Three-punch combination misses for Reda. Reda misses an overhand left. One-two offered up by Reda. Low kick from Reda. Meskini throws a front kick, but it doesn’t connect. Left hand by Rena doesn’t land. One-two by Reda again. High kick from Reda is blocked. One-two by Meskini. Left hand lands for Meda. Pause for a low blow.


Low kick from Reda. Three-punch combination from Reda. Reda shoots in and gets the takedown. Meskini brings his way over to the SmartCage and gets to his feet, though with Reda still on his back. Reda lifts Meskini and slams him for another takedown. Reda threatens a choke. Meskini battles back and gets back to his feet, pressing Reda against the cage. Meskini looks to go for a single, but he instead fires a small flurry. Low kick from Meskini. Reda with a jab. One-two thrown by Meskini. Low kick from Meskini.



Round 2


Reda misses a strong right hand. One-two lands for Meskini, and Reda is rocked! Meskini coming forward! Reda recovers quickly and starts to fight back. Meskini lands a left hand as Reda comes in for a clinch. Meskini gets to Reda’s back as they are by the fence. Reda appears to have a kimura grip briefly before the fight gets out of the clinch. High kick misses for Meskini. Reda misses a left hand. Meskini catches Reda coming in with a combination. Reda lands a takedown, and Meskini brings himself to the fence to try and get up. Meskini gets to his feet and looks for a head lock position.


Reda scores another takedown and avoids a guillotine attempt from Meskini. Reda brings his own choke attempt, but Meskini escapes it after some struggle. Meskini presses Reda into the fence. Reda goes in again, but Meskini avoids the takedown. Front kick and a one-two from Meskini. Low kick from Meskini. One-two from Reda and he lands another takedown. Meskini landing punches from the bottom. Reda postures up and lands some hammer fists. Meskini gets back to his feet by the bell.



Round 3


Reda lands a big right hand, and the two are exchanging quickly to start off the third round! Low kick from Meskini. Reda lands a quick right hand. Meskini lands a one-two. Low kick from Meskini. Reda clinches up and Meskini lands a knee as he resists the pressure. Reda gets another takedown, and he goes for a Peruvian necktie! Meskini escapes and gets on top. Both men land strikes on the ground. Meskini tries to do some submission setup, but Reda’s guard is making it difficult.


Reda landed from the bottom and kept up with his guard to avoid Meskini’s transition attempts. Meskini lands a couple of shots to Reda’s body and head. Meskini remained in Reda’s guard with one minute to go in the fight. Reda sweeps and ends up on top! Reda lands a few strikes from up top. Reda circles around as Meskini goes to his back on the bottom. Reda ends the fight on top.





Islam Reda defeats Adam Meskini by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28x2), advancing to the PFL MENA Playoffs in the Featherweight Division.