Hattan Alsaif made history by becoming the first Saudi-born woman to sign with the PFL, and now she gets to make her amateur MMA debut here tonight. Alsaif, a Muay Thai specialist, got into boxing following the passing of the legendary Muhammad Ali and into Muay Thai after reaching out to PFL welterweight Abdullah Al-Qahtani. Alsaif won gold at the 2022 World Combat Games and Saudi Games, as well as the 2023 IFMA Muay Thai World Championships.


Egypt’s Nada Faheem, who originally started her combat sports journey through Kung Fu, has won 10 national Sanda championships in Egypt and is an African Champion in the discipline. Faheem, who is also a member of the Egypt National Kung Fu team, made her amateur MMA debut in July with a decision win over Rada Ayman.


It’s time for more history to be made here, as the PFL has its first amateur women’s atomweight bout!




Round 1


Front kick to the body by Faheem before the two engage in a body lock, with Alsaif scoring the takedown. Faheem transitioned to end up on top in Alsaif’s half-guard, then full guard. Alsaif landed to the body a multitude of times from the bottom. The referee calls for work. Alsaif continues to land on the ground, with Faheem landing a couple of shots as well.



Alsaif reverses and makes her way to the top, getting into mount. Alsaif fires off some left hands, then some rights as Faheem tries to get back to her feet. Faheem was unsuccessful, and Alsaif got to Faheem’s back. Alsaif looked for a rear-naked choke. With the 10-second marker sounding, Alsaif let the choke attempt go and landed some more ground-and-pound before the bell.



Round 2


Front kick by Faheem. Round kick from Alsaif and the two get into another clinch battle. Alsaif lands a couple of strong knees before the two break. Low kick from Alsaif. A head kick and FAHEEM GOES DOWN AND OUT!



What a highlight performance from Hattan Alsaif in this historical outing!





Hattan Alsaif defeats Nada Faheem by 2nd round KO (0:41) in a Women’s Atomweight Amateur fight.