The first-ever Saudi Arabian talent to be signed to the PFL, Abdullah Al-Qahtani is all about bringing aggression and violence into his fights. Al-Qahtani trained in wrestling and Muay Thai when he was younger, with Al-Qahtani going on to win multiple championships in Muay Thai. Al-Qahtani is 8-1 as a pro and currently sports a 3-0 record in the PFL, scoring a first-round submission of Lamar Brown, a unanimous decision over David Zelner and a third-round TKO of Edukondala Rao. The win over Rao came at the PFL vs. Bellator Champions card in February.


Yazeed Hasanain began his combat journey in Kung Fu before going on to become a two-time champion in Sanda. After one amateur win, Hasanain turned pro in 2022, going 3-0 since. His pro career thus far has seen him score a second-round TKO of Ali Othman and score decisions over Wajdi Missaoui and Abdelwahab Masharki.


Who will get the win to close out the inaugural PFL MENA event?



Round 1


The two clash with leg kicks. Low kick by Hasanain, and Al-Qahtani responds with a one-two. Al-Qahtani lands a solid pair of strikes, but Hasanain responds by pinning him to the fence. The referee warns for activity and eventually has to call a break in the action. Al-Qahtani scores a takedown not long later, and now it’s he who has Hasanain’s back to the fence. Al-Qahtani lands close shots.


Hasanain reverses the position against the fence. The two break off with about two minutes left in the round. Round kick from Hasanain. Low kick from Hasanain. Al-Qahtani presses Hasanain into the fence again as the two jockey for positioning. Al-Qahtani misses a powerful right hand. Low kick from Al-Qahtani. Hasanain misses a combination. Al-Qahtani lands a left hook. Both fire off powerful hooks, but neither can land. Al-Qahtani lands a knee to the stomach as the two grapple battle against the fence again at the bell.



Round 2


Low kick from Hasanain. Another low kick from Hasanain. The two swing away, and Al-Qahtani lands a powerful right hand. Al-Qahtani fires off a small flurry with Hasanain’s back to the fence. Low kick from Al-Qahtani. Left hand from Hasanain. Low kick from Hasanain. Al-Qahtani with a left hand. Kick to the body by Hasanain. Hasanain goes underneath and takes Al-Qahtani’s back briefly against the fence.


Low kick from Hasanain. Another low kick from Hasanain. Round kick from Hasanain. Combination from Al-Qahtani. Both men fire off powerful straights but miss. Right hand from Al-Qahtani slips up Hasanain. Hasanain fires off a couple of straights, but Al-Qahtani continues to bring power. Strong left hook starts off a flurry from Al-Qahtani! Hasanain clinches up to get a second to breathe, but Al-Qahtani is continuing to press. Al-Qahtani fires off hook after hook, overhand after overhand. Al-Qahtani misses a spinning backfist. Another strong combination, and HASANAIN VERBALLY SUBMITS BEFORE THE BELL!



If you haven’t taken notice of Abdullah Al-Qahtani by now, it’s time to!





Abdullah “The Reaper” Al-Qahtani defeats Yazeed Hasanain by 2nd round verbal submission (4:59), advancing to the PFL MENA Playoffs in the Featherweight Division.