Known as “The Mental Rock,” Ahmed Tarek has started to build a name for himself in his native Egypt. In just four fights in two years, Tarek is already the 6th ranked Egyptian pro featherweight. The former amateur flyweight champion, a wrestling specialist, has won three of his four fights by submission, including his most recent fight in June 2023, defeating Mohamed Azzam with a Peruvian necktie.


Fighting out of his native Jordan, Abdelrahman Alhyasat first got into combat sports through taekwondo before transitioning over to jiu-jitsu, proving to be a grappling specialist. Alhyasat made his professional MMA debut last year, winning all three fights by decision. He most recently fought in August, defeating Anuar Bensaylid.


Which of these up-and-comers will remain undefeated as the PFL MENA regular season kicks off with a battle between these two featherweights?



Round 1


Low kick from Alhyasat to start off. One-two from Tarek, but Alhyasat stops it. The two scramble on the ground, and it results in Tarek bringing Alhyasat against the fence. Alhyasat resists a takedown attempt from Tarek. Alhyasat manages to escape Tarek’s grasp. Both land a jab. Right hand from Alhyasat. Tarek goes for a high kick, but Alhyasat pushes him down. Alhyasat comes forward, but Tarek grabs a body lock, and the two battle for control along the SmartCage. The two eventually separate. Low kick missed for Alhyasat, and a missed kick from Tarek, too.


Alhyasat lands a small combination. Tarek lands a couple of left hands. Alhyasat comes forward and manages to land a takedown. Alhyasat takes a hold of Tarek’s back. Tarek has a hold of Alhyasat’s hands from behind. The referee calls for action. Tarek rolls through, looking for a kimura. Alhyasat looks to reverse the position, but Tarek maintains his hold on Alhyasat’s arm. Tarek transitions to an armbar, but Alhyasat lifts and drops Tarek to escape. Alhyasat makes his way to Tarek’s back again and ends the round on top.



Round 2


Low kicks from both men to start the round. Both men throw a left hand. Body kick from Alhyasat. Low kick from Alhyasat. One-two from Alhyasat. Body kick from Tarek. Right hand from Tarek gets blocked. Tarek shoots in, but Alhyasat easily gets away from the takedown attempt. High kick from Tarek misses. Left hand from Alhyasat. Low kicks from Alhyasat. Right hand lands for Alhyasat. Tarek changes levels, but his takedown attempt gets stopped again.


Body kick from Alhyasat. Low kick by Alhyasat. Tarek blocks a body kick and goes for another takedown. Alhyasat gets away and gets on his bicycle as Tarek tries to chase him down. Strong right hand from Tarek. Low kick from Alhyasat. Right hand lands for Tarek. Both land small strikes. Body punch by Alhyasat. Left hand from Alhyasat. Spinning backfist by Alhyasat is blocked. Spinning back kick by Alhyasat lands, however! Jumping front kick by Alhyasat with Tarek against the fence, but it forces him back, with Tarek ending the round in a top position.



Round 3


Left hand from Tarek. One-two misses for Tarek. Left hand by Tarek. Front kick misses for Tarek. Alhyasat loads up for a strong right overhand but misses. Tarek grabs a leg but can’t get the takedown. Tarek changes the levels, and we’ve got a grappling battle against the fence. Alhyasat reverses the position but the clinch breaks off. Both strike to the head. One-two for Alhyasat. Low kick from Alhyasat. And again. Alhyasat now connects to the body. Tarek fails at another takedown attempt. Low kick from Tarek. Left hand from Tarek. Round kick by Alhyasat.


High kick from Alhyasat is blocked. Tarek fails at another takedown – he’s now 1-for-8. Both land a series of jabs. Alhyasat misses a left hook. Both land single strikes. Alhyasat unleashes a flurry and Tarek is covering up on the ground. Alhyasat ends up on top. Alhyasat landing hooks on the ground as he tries to take Tarek’s back. Tarek looks tired in the last minute of the fight. Tarek gets back to his feet, but he looks beaten up. Alhyasat lands a strong combination. Alhyasat lands a spinning backfist and spinning backkick before the bell.





Abdelrahman “Cobra” Alhyasat defeats Ahmed Tarek by unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 29-27), advancing to the PFL MENA Playoffs in the Featherweight Division